Freecool : User experience is the highest product indicator

June 13, 2019

Recently, the new advent of the Freecool e-cigarette fashion brand caused quite a stir in the industry, and its new product, the fully closed pod system N800, set off a wave in the market. In fact, for the e-cigarette market, the pod system has sprung up everywhere, brands and products have become increasingly rich, and new brands have been constantly coming out and dying. The Freecool can take the N800 in the market, and it has a lot to do with Freecool's strict pursuit of the product itself.

Freecool fully closed pod system N800, whether it is technical further or design process has brought new surprises to the electronic cigarette industry, it's high endurance, anti-leakage mechanism and other product features work together to upgrade users in satisfaction, taste, quality A comprehensive experience in terms of aspects.

Freecool's new N800, with its design and texture of the outer packaging, can see the brand's quality and the pursuit of good user experience. Free-tech logos and product renderings are engraved on the technologically-savvy packaging, enticing us to uncover its mysterious step by step.

Open the package, the N800's exquisite pod system is used to ensure the best surface treatment, comfortable, compact and beautiful. Integrated body, rounded lines, long and slender waistline, no button design. The N800 has now launched four colors of black carbon fiber, blue carbon fiber, red carbon fiber, and silver carbon fiber.

The N800 has a lot of bright spots, humanized functional experience, from the user's point of view, the experience becomes the highest indicator of testing products. First of all, it increases the intake air volume by adding air intake grooves on both sides of the top of the pod system, which is smooth and comfortable, and is soft and easy to suck. The groove is added around the rod electrode, so that the condensed liquid generated during the suction is temporarily locked in the groove, and the plugging becomes sparse, effectively optimizing the problems of frying oil and oil leakage. In addition, the induction air hole is placed on one side of the U-shaped air intake passage and protrudes from the electrode plane to prevent the occurrence of contactless suction.

In addition, the N800 also provides triple security protection, namely short circuit protection, over-suction protection, low-voltage protection, which can be viewed through the flashing performance of the hidden breathing light on the pod system, greatly improving the stability of the hardware equipment. Give us a better user experience.

The N800's packaging contains two cartridges. In terms of the flavor of the cartridge, Freecool also launched seven new flavors, including classic mango, mint, tobacco, red lychee, and purple berry, etc. Sweet fruit cartridge and classic tobacco flavors blend in with small products in your hands, familiar and fresh, vivid and surprising.

Nowadays, the e-cigarette industry has entered a critical period of development. Under the turmoil, Freecool chose to move steadily, to independently develop core technologies, iterate and enrich products, improve e-cigarette curing process, improve user experience, and promote the healthy and orderly development of e-cigarette industry.