Freecool breaks through the market bottleneck and launches new N800

June 20, 2019

Recently, the advent of the fashion and health e-cigarette brand Freecool brought a big surprise to the e-cigarette market. Its new product, the fully closed pod system N800, is a pioneer in the industry in terms of R&D investment, material standards, and experience-related spare parts.

N800 outer packaging is simple and elegant, solid color main, printed with freecool logo and N800 product logo, the overall simple and beautiful, low-key luxury, and the current electronic cigarette "only do marketing but not products" the rhetorical atmosphere in sharp contrast.

After unpacking the outer packaging, it is a flat and round body, two flavors of smoke cartridges, charging cables and instructions. The instructions for the three-fold page are rich and detailed, in terms of instructions for use, parameter settings, tips, etc. Detailed information is provided on the usage information to give users a more secure experience.

The N800 has been completely renewed in the design of the fuselage. It uses the IML process to ensure the best surface treatment, the body is flat and long, with rounded edges, the body is smooth and comfortable. The color is low-key and luxurious, and it continues the classic. According to the public's preference, it has launched four colors of black carbon fiber, blue carbon fiber, red carbon fiber, and silver carbon fiber. It is the exclusive fashion personality of freecool.

In addition, the two flavored cartridges in the package are carefully matched and perfectly blended. Freecool adheres to the opportunity to create the ultimate user experience, and continues to develop the taste of the product. It introduces seven fresh alcohol flavors at once, including classic regular flavors of mango, mint, tobacco, etc., as well as rich and innovative lychee and purple berries on the palate. In addition, many flavors are intertwined, with a smooth mouthfeel, the fragrance blends, and the mellow fragrance makes the user enjoying a wonderful sensory trip.

Of course, in addition to the surprises of the manufacturing process and the taste formula, the N800 is also striving for excellence, and solves the bottlenecks such as current life and oil leakage in the function setting of the product. N800 independently developed and created the best solution. The first step is to increase the groove around the pod system electrode so that the condensate generated during pumping is temporarily locked in the groove to prevent the condensate from flowing to the electrode or the induction hole. The plugging becomes sparse, effectively optimizing the problems of oil frying and oil leakage. In addition, the induction air hole is placed on one side of the U-shaped air intake passage and protrudes from the electrode plane to prevent the occurrence of contactless suction.

The problems of condensate, paste core and oil leakage, which have been plagued by users all the time, have been solved under the new freecool solution. The real thing is to “make every mouth suck in smooth and pure”.

At present, Freecool is also committed to the cutting-edge technology research of the entire e-cigarette industry. For them, setting up industry benchmarks, breaking technical barriers, allowing the whole industry to develop healthily and orderly, will make the society more scientific and rational, healthy and fashionable. Tobacco is sent to every corner of the world, which is what the brand wants to do.